Saturday, October 2, 2010

Report: Fashion Week

This post has nothing to do with "Fashion Week," whatever that is, we just wanted to pretend we were cool enough to give a crap. Enjoy the suckage spotted around the web.

We admit; we just love Southwestern-themed clothing here. (That, and horses.) VIYMvalerie said of this Ralph Lauren sweater dress, "This makes me think some sad American Indian lost his smallpox-infested blanket, and then a rich white lady found it and turned into this ugly thing."

Let's leave the American Southwest and visit that country where old women wear fedoras and chew the leaves of the cocaine plant all day (from Ideeli):

Forget cocaine, you'd have to be on crack to wear this gold lamé garbage bag (also from Ideeli)

Modcloth, home of many hits and misses, gives us this hideosity, the "Approaching Autumn" boot. Autumn saw it approaching, turned, and ran away, which could explain why it was 113 degrees in Los Angeles this week:

Finally VIYMkatie spotted this Zac Posen clear vinyl belt, exclusively at Saks, which says a lot about the Saks buyers:

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