Saturday, October 23, 2010


Full disclosure: we at VIYM are entirely against Uggs. There's almost nothing that makes us want to VIYM more than Uggs. When it came to our attention that there was a collab between Jimmy Choo and Ugg, we couldn't run to the toilet fast enough. We bring you...Chuggs. If we meet the person who gave Jimmy Choo a Bedazzler, we can't be responsible for what we might do.

The price on the craptastic and craftastic lovelies, above: almost $800. (but shipping is free!)

If you want your hideous dead-sheep slippers boots adorned with stars and fringe, or an animal print is more your speed, for under $600 you can grab yourself one of these:

Jimmy, you're making us hate you. We never thought that could happen. It makes us want to cry.

Wait, what's that? Burgundy patent pumps with an almond toe and subtle platform? Sigh. We forgive you.

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