Saturday, May 8, 2010

Patriotism Gone Wrong

For your upcoming Memorial Day or Forth of July picnic, perhaps you were considering a new item of clothing to make your wardrobe a bit more patriotic. Well consider this VIYM special!

It would be ugly if it were just a printed tank, but no! It is not just a printed tank. It is SEQUINED. What screams "I have good taste!" more than taking an eagle head that you would expect to find painted on the side of an 80s van and turning it into a sequined work of art that you can wear around?

Pair with dirty frayed cutoff shorts (short enough for the pockets to show out the bottom) and some worn out generic keds that you wear with the backs all squished down because you only want to put your feet in the front half. High Class Patriotism.

Available at Modcloth for $37.99

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