Monday, June 21, 2010

3/4 Length, 99% Transparency

This is (allegedly) a "skirt" by Costume National, available at Yoox for the sale price of $151 (originally $253). In case you cannot tell from the photos, Yoox kindly informs us that it is unlined.

I was hoping some insight about the designer would answer the WTF thought I had when I saw this. About the designer, Yoox says:
Ennio Capasa, Costume National’s designer, after graduating at the Accademia of Brera has been working together with Yohji Yamamoto. His essential and lean style has been defined “ A new cool and chich[sic] modernism” by the New York Times.
"Chich," they say. Of course, I thought this was a typo for "chic", but then I consulted Urban Dictionary to be sure. Definition #5 is:
Verb. To do something to another person so horrible that they would in fact rather have a pineapple shoved up their anus.
...and if you gave someone this skirt as a gift, "chich" may, in fact, be an appropriate descriptor.

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